Corporate profile

  • We produce a variety of Standardised herbal and Ayurvedic extracts, Oleoresins, Phytochemicals essential oils, Flavours & Fragrances which meets international standards.
  • KHHC has three manfacturing units – Daman, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh stands on a total floor space of 70,000 sq. ft. at Daman (UT) near Vapi in Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh.
  • The company has set up a high capacity state-of-the-artcGMP plant and is ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.
  • Konark Herbals and Health Care (KHHC) is an offshoot of the Konark Group.
  • Team of talented, highly qualified and experienced personnel.
  • Our organisation is a part of Rs.200 Cr.(approx.$ 40 million) group of companies, involved in various business activities.
  • The plant can process over 300 tonnes of raw materials per month.

Konark Research Foundation

  • KRF is a world class state of the art laboratory offering services in the field of Herbal & Pharmaceutical Products, Agro & Agro Derivatives, Specialty Chemicals, Water & Wastewater, Calibration& Metal Testing.
  • KRF has the approval to carry out tests on Drugs/Cosmetics as per the Drugs & Cosmetic Act, 1940 of India.
  • We are third party testing services where we can provide testing of extracts.
  • Because of our Konark lab we can provide all standards, pesticide residue analysis, microbial analysis, nutritional facts labelling
  • KRF helps Konark Herbals to get this benefit.
Our Services Include
  • Ambient Air Monitoring.
  • Stack Monitoring for Utility of Process
  • Ambient Noise Level Monitoring
  • Noise Level Monitoring (Circular Noise Mapping).
  • Work Place Monitoring
  • ETP/STP Waste Water Sample Analysis (Inlet & Outlet)
  • Waste Water Sample Analysis
  • Ground Water Sample Analysis
  • Drinking Water Analysis ISO 10500:2012
  • Soil Sample Analysis Waste Oil Sample Analysis
  • Hazardous Waste Sample Analysis
Drug and Chemical Analysis
  • Analysis of all pharmaceutical products (API and formulation).
  • Stability Studies
  • Product chemistry as per IP, BP, IS, EP & AOAC
  • Migration test for Containers.
Ayurvedic Product Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Assay/active content testing
  • Residual solvent testing
  • Physical and Chemical Analysis
  • 5 Batch Analysis
  • Shelf Life and accelerated storage stability
  • Residue analysis in Crop, water and soil
Environmental Analysis
  • Toxicological studied of waste water & efluents
  • Water testing
  • Sewage/Effluent treatment projects
  • Environmental Monitoring
Quality Standards

Depending on our well equipped infrastructure, strength of the product range is free from any kind of chemical or adulterants. We aim to maintain the quality of the product as we perform different stringent quality measures under the strict direction of our skilled professionals. Being an FDA approval organization, we adhere to both national and international quality standards. We are equipped with different departments that helps us in maintaining the quality of the products, these include:

   Instrumental and microbiological testing department
Research & Development

Konark Research Foundation (KRF) is a world class Environmental Research and Development Laboratory with microbiological facilities, providing highly precise, independent and prompt analysis.The laboratory is not only equipped with sophisticated instruments but also manned by highly skilled and experienced professionals.We also have a close co-ordination with International Analytical Laboratories for additional high level facilities. In the modern days of chemical sciences, the role of chemical analysis is significant and contributes to the de-convolution of complex problems of a variety of chemical industries.

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